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The Art of Learning To Be Happy

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 The Art of Learning To Be Happy

Too often we think happiness is associated with getting something what you want; more of immediate gratification, rather than a permanent state of happiness; mental, emotional and physical. Calling happiness as a habit may seem odd, but as one grows into an adult, it is likely that we settle into a state of being happy or unhappy.

Happiness can be further associated with three traits that an individual may have acquired or are inborn; our feelings and views about the society and perceived experience, individual characters of fairness, caring attitude and sensitivity to others, wisdom, integrity and honesty and lastly innate need to be healthy, to socialise and in general, smiling and laughing even in challenging situations. 

These character traits can be acquired through grooming and nurturing an individual since childhood and could be cultivated by adopting this five step prescription:

1. Teach the child self-management habits which cultivate a state of happiness:
Personal hygiene, physical and mental exercises and eating discipline are correlated with happiness levels.  One hobby that a child likes and takes it up, can go a long way to improve the happiness quotient. For a music lover, picking up one instrument to play or even listening to music or a nature walk is a mood lifter

2. Nurture fun in every situation 
Laugh, laugh and laugh it out (of course do take your work seriously) but a smile and a small laugh in complex and challenging times for an adult can do wonders.
3. Try to be a cheerleader for yourself
Teach your child to talk positive. Cultivate optimism. Negativity harbors sadness and ill-will. Research shows that happy people give themselves ongoing reassurance, acknowledgment, praise and pep talks

4. Joy in small things 
Tell your child to notice the small miracles in daily life. The show of the setting sun, no less astonishing for its daily repetition.The joy of being able to eat the delicacies you love the most are wonderful moments. Daily life overflows with joyful occurrences, learn to seek happiness in them.

5. Be grateful
It may sound counter intuitive, but people are happy because they are grateful. Children don’t have a context for life, so they do not understand that they are fortunate souls or not. They may seek happiness or otherwise by comparing material things like they having expensive toys or shoes as compared to their friends.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.
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 Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be - Abraham Lincoln


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