Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Dermatoglyphics analysis technique helped me !

It was the year 2002 when Sandy was two years of age. He started uttering words which were half decipherable. Both of us, were even more excited when he called us Daddee and Mommee !!!

One would call these days as a parent, the most wonderful and fulfilling days. With Sandy around, we would never feel down or bored, being charged up all the time because of his new pranks and developments!

It was during the fall of '97, when I read an article on Dermatoglyphics finger print techniques in The Daily. 

As a Science graduate, I had read all about dermatology, fingerprints etc. But never did I realize that there is a scientific theory evolved over centuries which establishes that there is a connection between your brain and pattern on your fingers ! And that it can help you identify the inborn characteristics of an individual based on the patterns.

Suddenly I was quite curious to know more about this technique and how it could be applied to good use in real life, not for me, but for Sandy.

I picked up the phone and called the  Dermatoglyphics Institute to enquire. They were kind enough to send me loads of information on how this scientific technique works along with contact of a Dermatoglyphics practitioner in my neighborhood !

Like a diligent student that I was, I read through the soft copies  overnight. 
I was amazed by the utility of the Dermatoglyphics assessment technique. Apparently this technique is able to gauge the multiple intelligence capability potential of an individual, it can help one understand the behavioral traits, strengths and weakness and can suggest the ideal career tracks which this individual can target.

Further it said that this assessment can be a guiding lamp for a parent, because it will help in grooming and nurturing the child in manner which will be conducive to the smooth upbringing of the child (with minimal tantrums !!).

The question came to my mind was, will this technique be applicable to an adult ?

Yes. I was amazed to know that a corporate can actually deploy such assessments to gauge prospective candidates during recruitment and help make the organisation efficient and effective !

I picked up the phone and sought an appointment with the Dermatoglyphics practitioner. My wifey didnt mind this at all because, as parents we were willing to do all it takes for Sandy's 'smooth upbringing'

It was only half an hour of time required for scanning of Sandy's fingerprints at the Dermatoglyphics practitioner. 
After couple of days we were invited again for the counselling, post the fingerprint analyses.  

We were apprehensive at the beginning, fearing what may emerge from the fingerprint analyses. But as the counselling session progressed we were to be pleasantly surprised. 

Sandy's fingerprint analyses report was bordering on being very good to prodigious on certain thinking and analytical skills. The report said that our son is right brain oriented with unlimited capacity to improve his imaginative and creativity limits.The top career options were outlined and so were his shortfalls. 

Of course, the suggestions given in the report were sharp and pointed, primarily it meant there was work for us to do. On a regular basis the parental role was defined.  

A day after the counselling session, I listed down the key pointers from the recommendations which was to become a parental guide for grooming little Sandy.

It has been 15 years now since that counselling session, and I would say it has been an enriching experience, partly due to the efforts that we have taken so far, on grooming Sandy. 

I would say that bulk of the analyses on Sandy and the suggestions in the report, even if I read it today, have been on the dot !. 

Last fall, he led his football team to victory at the City sports meet. This is thanks to the kinesthetic intelligence capability detected at an early age, which made us focus his time seriously on at least one sport.  

Today, Sandy has come out with flying colors in his high school qualifying tests in Art and Urban design course in High School of Art & Design at NY. As parents, we feel our efforts are paying off !!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dermatoglyphics- Solution built on about two centuries of scientific research

History of Dermatoglyphics Research

1823- John Evangelist Purkinji a professor of anatomy at the University of Breslau, published his thesis researching of fingerprint patterns classification.

1892- Sir Francis Galton a British anthropologist and a cousin of Charles Darwin, He published hisbook, "Fingerprints", establishing the individuality and permanence of fingerprints. The book included the first classification system for fingerprints.

1926- Harold Cummins, M.D. aka. the Father of Dermatoglyphics. And C.Midlo, M.D.studied all aspects of fingerprint analysis, from anthropology to genetics and embryology perspective. 1943 Published book, Finger Prints, Palms and Soles, a bible in the field of dermatoglyphics.

1944- Dr Julius Spier Psycho-Analytic Chirologist published “The Hands of Children” he made several significant discoveries especially in the area of psycho-sexual development and the diagnosis of imbalances and problems in this area from the patterns of the hands.

1968- Sarah Holt, whose own work 'The Genetics of Dermal Ridges' published in 1968, summarizes her research in of dermatoglyphics patterns of both the fingers and the palm in various peoples, both normal and congenitally afflicted.

1976- Schaumann and Alter's 'Dermatoglyphics in Medical Disorders' published.Significant
investigations have also been carried out into the dermatoglyphics indicators of congenital heart disease, leukaemia, cancer, rubella embryopathy, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia etc. Dermatoglyphics research being directed into genetic research and the diagnosis of chromosomal defects.

1970- USSR,Former Soviet Union. Using Dermatoglyphics in selecting the contestant for Olympics.

1980- China carry out researching work of human potential, intelligence and talents in
dermatoglyphics and human genome perspective.

1985- Dr. Chen Yi Mou Phd. of Havard University research Dermatoglyphics based on Multiple
Intelligence theory of Dr. Howard Gardner. First apply dermatoglyphics to educational fields and
brain physiology.

2000- Dr Stowens, Chief of Pathology at St Luke's hospital in New York, claims to be able to
diagnose schizophrenia and leukaemia with up to a 90% accuracy. In Germany, Dr Alexander
Rodewald reports he can pinpoint many congenital abnormalities with a 90% accuracy.

2004- IBMBS- International Behavioral & Medical Biometrics Society. Over 7000 report and thesis published. Nowadays the U.S., Japan or China, Taiwan apply dermatoglyphics to educational fields, expecting to improve teaching qualities and raising learning efficiency by knowing various learning styles.

BrainSketch Solutions Pvt Ltd is an initiative started by two enterprising professionals to help discover the innate capabilities of an individual through scientific means, and also assist in developing the solutions for enhancing them. 
For Parents, it gives a clear picture of Multiple intelligence and learning styles of your child to help you understand strength and weaknesses of your child. BrainSketch's DMIT Report offers specific Suggestions for improvement and tips for parents suggesting number of activities to groom a child. 
For Corporate HR, it can help identify more effective human resources, make recruitment more efficient and help create a productive human resource team.
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