Friday, March 14, 2014

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Dermatoglyphics science is based on a series of research and insightful analyses conducted by scientists, philosophers, anthropologist and medical researchers in the Asian sub-continent over the past several decades.

Today, Dermatoglyphics based algorithms has been developed into a unique tool which can help analyse the innate characteristics of a human being, by scanning the fingerprints on the tip of both hands and studying the patterns. The insights which emerge from the analyses followed by counselling are extremely powerful combination of revelation  and provides clarity and direction to the individual (child to an adult)

BrainSketch Solutions is one of the pioneer in the field of DMIA technique in India. The company is unique because of two reasons;

  • BrainSketch has in-house research & technology expertise and as a result developed a scientific tool called DermaSTAT
  • BrainSketch has highly qualified professionals who are focused on providing counselling inputs backed by deep-rooted training and research

BrainSketch has now opened the DMIA tool access, to enterprising individuals who have keen interest in pursuing an initiative which is 'for-profit' but also gives an opportunity to contribute to the cause of career development in India.

Franchisee and Master franchisee offering of BrainSketch give individuals from India or outside, a significant opportunity to counsel DMIA candidate across the world.

Doctors, Engineers, Consultants, Fresh graduates, IT professionals, Lawyers, Senior technical professionals and House makers have joined us as Franchisees. 

Be a part of a growing field of DMIA by joining BrainSketch !