Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dermatoglyphics: Become clear about your life-purpose

Dermatoglyphics (dermato=skin,glyphics-carvings) ,a name coined by Dr. Harold Cummins in 1926, is the scientific term for the study of fingerprints and related line and hand shape designations. 

The scientific study of papillary ridges of the hands and feet was pioneered by Joannes E. Purkinje, a Czech physiologist and biologist in 1823. Sir William J. Herschel is one of the key contributors to the science of fingerprint analysis, because he is the first person to confirm the persistence of patterns of prints from birth till death through early longitudinal studies from 1860 to 1890. He established that ridges do not change from birth until death except through trauma or decomposition after death.

Examining the embryonic hands, Dr.Cummins documented the emergence of eleven ball-like structures at the eighth week after conception. At the fourteenth week, the skin corrugations (fingerprints) begin to appear, forming a topographic-like map of the developing fetal hand.

In effect, fingerprints form a topographical map prior to birth, a map that would remain unaltered throughout life. In 1892, Galton divided the patterns on the fingertips into three broad groups;Arches, Loops and Whorls.

Assimilation of centuries of deep work on fingerprints across continents, has resulted in a scientific tool to decipher behavioral traits and natural strengths / shortcomings of individuals. This can go a long way in defining life-purpose for an individual and help in leading a happy and successful life !

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