Saturday, May 10, 2014

Being People Smart in a Competitive Environment

Inter-personal Intelligence: Critical Success factor

PeopleSmart is the ability which helps us understand other people and their moods, motivations and intentions. It enables us to tune in to others, to empathize with them, to communicate clearly with them emotionally, to inspire them and to understand our relationships with them. People-smart adults and children have a great understanding of how others are feeling, what they need or want and why they act the way they do.

Children who are people smart genuinely like others and tend to have variety of friendships. They might be good at resolving conflicts, or are natural leaders. They are good at 'reading' people, pick up emotional vibes easily and accurately and reach out to those in need such as shy kids or the less popular at school.

Healthy friendships are a crucial part of childhood, and vital to your child's healthy development. Through friends, your child is learning how to get along with people, to understand his and others' emotions, to negotiate, co-operate and compromise. You can help your child by expanding his circle of friends, invite a new child to play or encourage your child to join a club based on his interests. Teach your child to be assertive, to let others know that he wants to play, or that his feelings are hurt or that he doesnt like it when another child pushes him.

Children aged 4-6 tend to have a number of frienships which are transient in nature. They are also ego-centric, and less likely to see events from another child's perspective. Sow the seeds of how your child makes and develops friendships. Friendships are a vital part of your child's life and provide more than just playmates. Friendships help children develop emotionally and morally.