Sunday, September 6, 2020

Enriching lives in disruptive times using DMIA technique


Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a way to do it better – find it

This quote is a pointer to how the team at BrainSketch has figured out innovative mechanism to continue enriching lives in this pandemic era. This innovation is like a boon in these times, for not only those who seek counselling with DMIA technique (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis) but also who wish to start on their own as a trained DMIA counselor and franchisee of BrainSketch.

Since March 2020, nation-wide lockdown brought Indian businesses almost to a stand-still and several crores of employed individuals reportedly lost jobs. BrainSketch has always believed in giving opportunity to enthusiastic and keen individuals by making them skilled in counseling with DMIA technique. With no face to face meetings possible in current times, BrainSketch team had to figure out a solution quickly to capture fingerprints remotely, assess the patterns, prepare the report and deliver the counselling to the individual and train budding entrepreneurs.

A wise person has said that ‘necessity is mother of invention’ and by thinking out of the box, the team at BrainSketch solution quickly figured out a simple way to capture all the ten fingerprints from the comfort of one’s home. These prints get scanned on your smartphone and can be emailed to BrainSketch assessment centre to get analysed on the DermaStat tool.

With simple innovation to capture the fingerprints remotely and consistently, BrainSketch has opened a business opportunity for thousands of enthusiastic individuals. BrainSketch has now brought the world to India, with franchisees having the opportunity to assess and counsel any individual sitting in any part of the globe.  In this Pandemic era, here is a golden chance for those who would like to start on their own, and earn from the first month itself after being trained as a DMIA counselor with BrainSketch, that too with minimal investment. To know more about this technique and being part of Team BrainSketch visit us at, write to us or call us to book your appointment.