Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dermatoglyphics :Introduction to Parents

How well do you understand your child’s 8 Multiple Intelligences and characteristics?

Introducing the latest individual capability profiling concept; 
Scientific Fingerprint Analysis (DERMATOGLYPHICS)

DERMATOGLYPHICS is the  best counselling tool to “listen” to one’s brain.


What is DMIT?
DMIT means Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. i.e. Intelligence mapping through fingerprint analysis

How is DMIT different from astrology ?

DMIT is not fortune telling or astrology
Its about knowing the natural inborn traits and capability potential so that one can act. 
This technique is based on the premise that, 'every individual can create his or her future if the inborn capability potential is known'

Why Finger Print testing?
Our finger prints are permanent and each finger is connected to separate part of Right and Left Brain. Every finger of an individual and the pattern on it, provides an assessment of the intelligence potential and behavioral traits 

What is the best age for doing this test?
This test can be done at any age from new born baby till grown up adults. However earlier is better as personality can be molded better and easier at early childhood

What kind of Test is it?
In this test, the person’s Finger prints are scanned and on that basis his/her level of intelligence, learning styles and working attributes are mapped. The report also suggests suitable academic courses and career choices for the person.

How can one use this report for shaping his/her life?
Our DMIT Report has special suggestions for improvement for adults and guiding tips for parents for shaping their child’s future.

Who can be benefitted by this report?
Toddlers, teen agers, youngsters, adults, couples, schools, corporates, psychologists, counsellors everybody can use this report for effective solutions and suitable directions. to evaluate employees by fingerprints
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